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Contrary to popular belief, Starfleet’s primary mission is not a military one. Despite its military ranks and procedures, its frequent space battles, and its ships which carry enough firepower to bake the crust of a planet, Starfleet is devoted primarily to the peaceful, scientific exploration of space and the policing of Federation space lanes.

However, there are times when military intervention on a planet becomes necessary, and when those times come, the Federation maintains an elite force of soldiers - Starfleet Marines. Fleet personnel serve a wide variety of purposes, diplomatic as well as scientific. Starfleet Marines serve a narrower purpose - reconnaissance, armed support, and of course combat if diplomacy fails.

Even when forgotten, the Starfleet Marine Corps is always hard at work upholding the ideals of the Federation while guarding it from any adversary that may present itself. In true military fashion, officers of the Marine Corps place the lives of others before their own, ready to sacrifice anything for their government.



F-4 Phantom Combat Shuttle

Once the most common high performance impulse speed strike fighter, the F-4 cruises at up to 0.73c for extended periods. The F-4 could carry two Type Va pulse phaser cannon and one type IV mini-photon torpedo tube (yield of 10% full sized photon torpedo).

F-4 Combat Shuttle
  • Designation: F-4
  • Nick name: Phantom
  • Type: single pilot, strike fighter
  • Dimensions: Length: 15m, Beam: 7m, Draft: 4m
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 35 mt
  • Speed: Maximum Range Cruise: 0.2c
  • Shield Limit: 0.73c
  • Acceleration: 240 km/sec^2
  • Armament:
    • Type Va pulse phaser
      • Number: 2, forward
      • Range: 75,000 km
    • Mk IV mini-Photon torpedo
      • Number: 1, forward (2 reloads)
      • Range: 500,000 km
  • Shields: FC-3b
  • Atmospheric capabilities: Yes
  • Planetary landing capabilities: Yes
  • Escape Pod: Mk II POIS ejection capsule.
  • Emergency Transporter: (one time use)
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