Intel dept.
Written by Vadm Uvar   
Sunday, 06 December 2009

1) What is an Intel Officer?(Wikipedia) An intelligence officer is a person employed by an organization to collect, compile and analyze information (known as intelligence) which is of use to that organization.

The standard mission classifications are as follows:·         Crypto-analysis ·         Deep Cover ·         Undercover/Infiltration ·         Military Analysis ·         Civilian Analysis ·         Extraction ·         Recruitment ·         Counterintelligence/Investigation ·         Surveillance/Reconnaissance ·         Transportation


1.1- Crypto-analysis

Crypto analysis, simply put, is the art of breaking and encrypting codes and ciphers.  Now, at this time, codes and ciphers are generally broken and encrypted by computers- but someone needs to program the computers to, for instance, run the proper algorithms needed to break codes and ciphers, or program the computer to use the proper encryption when sending a message.  In either instance, someone trained in the underlying principles of cryptanalysis is needed.  This knowledge would extend beyond coding and code-breaking; it would include an intimate knowledge of the methods of delivering messages as well as unparalleled expertise in programming and "hacking."


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