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Friday, 31 October 2008

The Counseling Department is responsible for maintaining the base's mental and emotional health. One Counselor also serves as a personal advisor to the Commanding Officer, assisting him/her in evaluating new and unusual individuals or situations. The Chief Counselor's position is always filled by someone with extensive knowledge of psychology, and is sometimes (but certainly not always) held by a telepath.

The Chief Counselor is responsible for managing the base/station's school, counseling office, and working in part with the medical staff with patient recovery. This position also includes advising the Commanding Officer in certain situations. All junior Counseling officers report to the Chief Counselor. The Chief Counselor has the ability to, if required, remove any crew member, including the Captain, from active duty if s/he finds his/her mental state to be unstable. (To remove the Captain, s/he must have the support of the Chief Medical Officer).
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