Security levels
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Access to all Starfleet data is highly regulated. A standard set of access levels have been programmed into the computer cores of all ships in order to stop any undesired access to confidential data.
Security levels are also variable, and task-specific. Certain areas of the ship are restricted to unauthorized personnel, regardless of security level. Security levels can also be raised, lowered, or revoked by Command personnel.

The main computer grants access based on checks to the individual user, including face and voice recognition in conjunction with a vocal code as an added level of security.

Security levels in use:

Level 10 - Commanding Officer / Captain and Above
Level 9 - Executive Officer / First Officer
Level 8 - Commander / Lieutenant Colonel
Level 7 - Lt. Commander / Major
Level 6 - Lieutenant / Marine Captain
Level 5 - Lt. Junior Grade / First Lieutenant
Level 4 - Ensign / Second Lieutenant
Level 3 - Non-Commissioned Crew (Non-Department Heads)
Level 2 - Civilian Personnel
Level 1 - Open Access (Read Only)

Note: Security Levels beyond current rank can and are bestowed where, when and to whom they are necessary.
A: Security's Duties In Peacetime:
Insure the security of all crew on the ship or station
Security personnel don't carry guns at all times is because at regular intervals throughout the ship there are "Weapons Lockers", which contain a few hand phasers and TR-110 Handguns and a few spare power cells and pistol clips. Only when they are on duty they carry a type 2 Phaser when at yellow/red alert they report to their nearest muster oint and then patrol from point to point, armed with rifles, either phaser or ballistic, depending on the threat.   If you are in a main area of the ship (ie a Corridor, Lab, Office, or regularly used area) then you will never be more than five metres from a Locker. If you are in a Secondary area, like a Jeffries Tube then you are about 20m from the nearest locker, for example they are mounted in junctures in the Jeffries Tubes.

There are also "Heavy Lockers" which carry Phaser Rifles and TR-116 Rifles, with spare power cells and 116 Mags, situated at Security Mustering points, of which there are usually 4-5 per deck, depending on the size of the vessel. (Remember the TNG movie First Contact)

The Weapons Locker can be accessed via a thumbprint and voice activation by ANY member of Starfleet personnel.

Maintain readiness for times of action  
Play the part of Investigator in any crimes that may happen insofar as:
1. All persons are innocent until proven guilty
2. The crime scene should be blocked off until proper investigation of the scene can take place to prevent contamination of the evidence
3. All potential witnesses or suspects are entitled to council during questioning.
4. All Starfleet personnel are entitled to a fair and impartial hearing by way of a court martial pending the outcome of the investigation
  Man the Tactical station on the Bridge and respond to any threats insofar as:
1. All unknown targets are to be hailed and asked to give identification
2. No action is to be taken against potentially hostile targets without the direct orders of the CO, FO or officer in charge unless the ship is in clear and present danger.
a. Clear and Present danger is defined as: Your post is under attack and will be destroyed without rapid and legally defendable action. Or other Starfleet vessels, stations or holdings(colonies, protectorates) are under attack and will perish without definite and legally defendable action.
To go on any away teams that the captain orders insofar as:
1. Ensure the safety of the away team to all ends but for breaking the prime directive or killing the natives
B: Guidelines For Interrogations and Investigations:
Close off the crime scene and inform the CO of the transgressions.
Collect all evidence available and record it immediately to prevent contamination
Take any suspects into custody after reading them their rights, and inform the CO of such actions
If it is deemed necessary, then interrogation of any suspects or eyewitnesses is allowed insofar as:
1. No badgering or unlawful means(according to the constitution of the Federation) is to be allowed.
2. All persons being questioned have the right to council and have the right not to incriminate themselves with the backing of the seventh guarantee
3. All suspects in a federal crime(murder, rape or treason) shall be held in the brig with no exceptions. All others may be left in confinement to quarters
C. Security/Tactical in Combat Situations
If at all possible, the CTO will be in charge of the tactical station in time of battle. If this is not possible, then an assistant chief will be in charge.
If possible, the opposing force shall be disabled before destruction unless the Commanding Officer orders otherwise.
Under no circumstances shall the TAC officer fire on a seriously disabled or unarmed vessel with the intent to destroy unless good and provable cause is present or a rankingofficer orders it.
Those ranking security personnel not directly involved in a firefight shall prepare their security teams for possible away missions to the enemy vessel or to repel boarders insofar as:
1. All persons beaming aboard in combat situations shall be rendered unconscious and placed in the brig if the situation permits. >
2. Unless the enemy is supra-powerful(i.e. the Borg), the object of defense shall not be to kill or destroy, only disable.

D. Equipment and Weapons allowed for Security personnel.
Directed Energy weapons.
1. Phasers, (Type one, two and Phaser rifle type three)
2. Phaser Cannon(for ground battles)
Non-Directed Energy Weapons
1. Photon Grenades for use in large scale stunning
Blunt or bladed weapons.
1. these may be used only with CO's and CTO's permission and with good cause.
1. When going into combat, it is allowed for Security personnel to wear a form of armor to prevent puncture by bladed weapons and to reduce or negate the effects of energy weapons.(Defined at a later date)
Investigative Equipment.
1. Tricorders(omitting medical or engineering Tricorders without the required training to use them)
2. Scanners(for hidden weapons and to retrieve evidence for investigations. As well as shipboard for intruders and other emergencies)
Basic medical Firstaid Kit
1. for times when there are no medical personnel or they are incapacitated and unavailable
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