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Friday, 31 October 2008


A person wishing for an Operations (OPS) position must be well rounded, flexible, and prepared for any situations that may arise. OPS is like a taskmaster, who coordinates the actions of various other ship's departments. This is why it is said that the pulse of a starship runs through the Operations Station. You, as OPS, literally have your finger on that pulse.

Now we can cover the technical systems that you can't work with, with the exception of the computer and power restraints:

Specialized Tactical Systems
Specialized Helm Systems
Engineering tasks that need manual operation
Medical Quarantine systems are off limits and have their own short term emergency power systems (you can de-activate them but you'd be torn a strip by your CO AND your medical Chief)
Security Brig systems

 So that leaves (everything else, not forgetting that you will be kept busy by your CO so keep in the plot of the SIM): - Transporter, replicators and holodeck systems (same general area) Main Deflector and Sensor Arrays Starbase gangways/loading connections and computer umbilical’s Emergency evacuation systems (lifeboats) Shuttlebays, bay doors, shuttlecraft medical facilities, using spare cargo bays (mainly done for medical emergencies/drills)

The Ops Manager's best friend, when anything happens there's a diagnostic you can run, even if nothing is happening, if you aren't doing much, run a diagnostic! There are 5 main levels of

"Level 5 Diagnostic" which is completely automated and takes seconds to complete, the computer runs quick tests to insure whatever you're running the diagnostic on is working. Data is run through the main computer to your terminal.

"Level 4 Diagnostic" similar to Level 5, except that it may take a little longer, instead of just checking that things are OK, the Computer will make a more in depth check of whatever you running it on.

"Level 3 Diagnostic" this is a half-automated process that requires manual intervention and testing, if you're at your console then you'll need to dispatch an eng team unless your diagnosing your own console!

"Level 2 Diagnostic" this is a thorough component check with a little computer assistance.

"Level 1 Diagnostic" The engineer's nightmare! This usually means taking something out of  operation so you can take it apart! The computer is not involved.

Engineering - This is your band of helpers, when you can't fix something from where you are sitting these are the trouble shooters and fixers, it is your best interests to keep these people happy, cos when you spot something broke, these are the peoplel you will have to ask to fix it.

Tactical - Outside of red alert this person has the same right to your resources as everyone else, however in a Red Alert situation you must be able to give them all they need to to their job!

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