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Friday, 21 January 2011
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B: Guidelines For Interrogations and Investigations:
Close off the crime scene and inform the CO of the transgressions.
Collect all evidence available and record it immediately to prevent contamination
Take any suspects into custody after reading them their rights, and inform the CO of such actions
If it is deemed necessary, then interrogation of any suspects or eyewitnesses is allowed insofar as:
1. No badgering or unlawful means(according to the constitution of the Federation) is to be allowed.
2. All persons being questioned have the right to council and have the right not to incriminate themselves with the backing of the seventh guarantee
3. All suspects in a federal crime(murder, rape or treason) shall be held in the brig with no exceptions. All others may be left in confinement to quarters
C. Security/Tactical in Combat Situations
If at all possible, the CTO will be in charge of the tactical station in time of battle. If this is not possible, then an assistant chief will be in charge.
If possible, the opposing force shall be disabled before destruction unless the Commanding Officer orders otherwise.
Under no circumstances shall the TAC officer fire on a seriously disabled or unarmed vessel with the intent to destroy unless good and provable cause is present or a rankingofficer orders it.
Those ranking security personnel not directly involved in a firefight shall prepare their security teams for possible away missions to the enemy vessel or to repel boarders insofar as:
1. All persons beaming aboard in combat situations shall be rendered unconscious and placed in the brig if the situation permits. >
2. Unless the enemy is supra-powerful(i.e. the Borg), the object of defense shall not be to kill or destroy, only disable.

D. Equipment and Weapons allowed for Security personnel.
Directed Energy weapons.
1. Phasers, (Type one, two and Phaser rifle type three)
2. Phaser Cannon(for ground battles)
Non-Directed Energy Weapons
1. Photon Grenades for use in large scale stunning
Blunt or bladed weapons.
1. these may be used only with CO's and CTO's permission and with good cause.
1. When going into combat, it is allowed for Security personnel to wear a form of armor to prevent puncture by bladed weapons and to reduce or negate the effects of energy weapons.(Defined at a later date)
Investigative Equipment.
1. Tricorders(omitting medical or engineering Tricorders without the required training to use them)
2. Scanners(for hidden weapons and to retrieve evidence for investigations. As well as shipboard for intruders and other emergencies)
Basic medical Firstaid Kit
1. for times when there are no medical personnel or they are incapacitated and unavailable

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