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Sunday, 23 January 2011
Common Away Team Codes:

The following are away team status codes for the ship in orbit. These can be sent unscrambled. Anyone with proper Starfleet command protocol training will recognize their meanings.

Condition Amber: An emergency situation maybe developing. Have all transporter techs and security officers on alert in transporter rooms.

Condition Black: This can be used to deliver a specific message. The message is determined prior to the mission. The landing party and senior officers determine what the message is and change it before every mission.

Condition Blue: The landing party has suffered casualties. Have transporter techs and medical personnel standing by in transporter rooms and hangar bays. Stand by.
Bronze: Everything is going well and the landing party will be in contact at the next regular scheduled check in.
Brown: This is an emergency. Beam up or have a shuttle pick up at the current coordinates.
Copper: The landing party will be out of reach for a short time. Contact the party at the next scheduled time.
Crimson: The starship should prepare for the possibility of trouble, including combat. Take no offensive actions unless fired upon. Maintain all necessary defenses.
Cyan: An emergency situation is developing. No one is allowed to beam down or land under any circumstances. Standby.
Gold: The landing party has made contact with hostile aliens. Beam everyone up and hold all non-landing party personnel in transporter stasis until the landing party arrives. Dispatch security to the transporters.
Green: The landing party is in danger but the ship should not attempt a rescue. Take no directly obvious action. General order one is in effect.
Grey: The landing party has been captured and the starship’s crew should attempt a rescue. Use any amount of force including bombarding the planet with starship weapons fire.
Indigo: Do not make contact with the landing party under any conditions until further orders.
Ivory: The landing party has been captured and the starship’s crew is free to attempt a rescue. Use the minimum amount of force necessary. General Order One is not in effect in this situation.
Magenta: Stand by for a change of orders.
Maroon: There may be an intruder, imposter, or other undesirable aboard the ship. Go to General Quarters.
Mauve: Abandon the landing party immediately. Leave orbit and travel to the nearest station or starbase at maximum warp. All members of the landing party are to be considered killed in action.

Olive: The location of the landing party has been exposed to an extreme medical disaster. It is to be quarantined, effective immediately. No starships are allowed in or out of the area. Use any amount of force necessary to maintain the blockade. Ships may request reinforcements from Starfleet Command if necessary. No one is allowed to beam down or land by shuttle under any conditions.
Orange: This is an emergency. Extract the landing party at the prearranged coordinates or their current position.
Pink: An emergency situation may be developing. If the landing party fails to check in at the next scheduled check-in, begin surface and orbital search procedures. Search parties and shuttlecraft can be used should circumstances permit.
Red: The starship should go to red alert. Raise shields, arm weapons, and take all precautions to protect the ship. Leave orbit and abandon the landing party. They are considered expendable as the starship is not.
Silver: The landing party has been rescued and the starship’s crew is free to attempt a rescue using minimal force. General Order One is still in effect.
Tan: The starship should warp out of surface based weapons or communications range (roughly 250,000 kms) and remain there. Return to orbit in time to make the next scheduled check in.
Violet: Members of the landing party have become separated. Retrieve everyone at these coordinates. Have search parties standing by in transporter rooms and the hangar decks.
White: The landing party has been captured, but no rescue attempt is to be made. The starship is to leave orbit and immediately report back to its parent post (starbase or otherwise). All members of the landing party are to be considered killed or missing in action.
Yellow: The starship should go to Yellow Alert. Raise shields and take all defensive precautions. Leave orbit and abandon the landing party if necessary. Make contact at the next scheduled check in time.
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