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Saturday, 05 May 2012
Ship Alerts and Procedures:


This is the normal operating status on every Starfleet vessel. When Green Alert is active, shields are offline, phasers are powered down, and torpedo tubes are cleared of warheads.


Yellow Alert means a heightened state of emergency. This comes standard on every Starfleet station and ship. While in Yellow alert, shields are set to full power, and scans of the surrounding area begin. Phasers stay powered down and torpedo tubes unloaded.


Whenever Red Alert has been activated, all non-essential personnel are to return to their quarters. This is standard on Starfleet stations and ships. During this alert, crew members report directly to their stations, phasers charged to full, and all torpedo tubes are loaded with warheads. Shields are also set to full power if not already done so.


In some instances where hostile forces board the ship and the crew is unable to overthrow the intruders, the Auto Destruct sequence will be activated. It requires the verification of two people: The CO of the ship and either its 1st officer or Chief Engineer. The red alert sirens sound and the computer will inform anyone on board the countdown each 30 seconds, until the final 30 are reached. When active, ALL personnel are urged to find the quickest route to the escape pods and launch.


Blue Alert, Landing in progress. Also known as Code Blue or Condition Blue, this alert would be initiated upon a planetary landing, or take off. In addition, it is also initiated during a starship separation. For the Prometheus, this alert is initiated during the Decoupling Sequence of Multi-Vector-Assault-Mode.

Condition Orange goes into effect when the ship is set to minimal operating status, usually when all non-essential systems have been shut down and the ship is being commanded by a skeleton crew. Standard on most Sarfleet stations and ships. This alert would also be initiated if the ship was docked with a Starbase or Station, powered down and running off the Starbase/Station power supply.
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Current Mission

M30: Quantum Sliders


Giving the crew time to relax and visit friends and relatives, the USS London is now despatched on a regular exploration mission near the Galactic Core. Long range sensor picked up a distress call from a newly found uninhabited planet called Jericho Prime. 

For months Starfleet HQ determined this M-class planet as a great means to expand their borders. Preparation of sending colonists is well on their way.

But who or what sent out the distress call??

Join us and find out.


Junior crewmembers wanted.. would you like to write and not have the burden of a department head then join as a crewmember, yeoman or even civilian.

Started: January 1, 2013 - Ended....&

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