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Monday, 24 September 2007
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Accelerated Critical Neural Pathway Formation

Medical procedure that uses genetic recoding to alter the brain of a humanoid patient.

This procedure is banned in the Federation and has been illegal under laws dating back to the end of the Eugenics Wars.

Amniotic Scan

Sensor readings of the fluid contained within the amniotic sac of a mammalian pregnancy. Such a scan can provide a wealth of information about the fetus, including its sex.

ARA Scan (Autonomic Response Analysis)

medical scan that can be used to determine the truthfulness of a humanoid subject.

Basilar Arterial Scan

medical diagnostic test that evaluates the arteries in the brainstern.

Berylite scan

medical procedure used aboard Federation starships

Bicaridine treatment

Regenerative therapy for fracture patients. It is used as a substitute in patients that are allergic to metorapan

Biomimetic Fluctuation

medical reading in Founders that are indicative of dangerous instability of the morphogenic matrix.

Blood Screening

medical test used by Federation personnel to identify shape-shifters. This was considered necessary because of the possibility that shape-shifting Founders had taken humanoid form and infiltrated the Federation and other Alpha Quadrant powers.

The test involves removing a small sample of blood from an individual's body. If the individual is a changeling, the blood would revert to a gelatinous orange fluid.

Brain circuitry pattern

medical diagnostic image mapping neural activity in a humanoid brain. The BCP of each individual is unique, and this serves as a postive means of identification.

Cardiac replacement

Surgical procedure in which a patient's diseased or injured heart is replaced by an artificial device. The technique was developed by Dr. Van Doren

Cardiac Induction

Emergency medical resuscitative measure.

CPK levels

A medical test performed on board Federation starships. CPK, or creatinine phosphokinase, is a marker of muscular damage. It is mostly used to diagnose cardiac damage.

Cryogenic Open Heart Procedure

Surgical procedure


Old practice of cryogenically freezing a human just after death in the hopes that future medical advances would render their sickness curable.


medical procedure used to slow down biological functions in a critically injured patient, allowing the physician more time to correct the malady.
medical test to confirm an individual's identity by matching DNA patterns.

Direct reticular stimulation

medical procedure in which electrical energy is applied directly to the nervous system of a humanoid patient in an attempt to revive neural activity. A device called a neural stimulator is used in this procedure

DNA reference scan

medical test to confirm an individual's identity by matching DNA patterns.

Dolbargy Sleeping Trance

Voluntarily induced deep coma.

Electrophoretic Energy Analysis

Electrophoresis is a process by which proteins are identified by putting them on a gel and running an electric current through the gel, then staining the gel and measuring how far the proteins moved in comparison to a group of standard proteins that were also put on the gel (bigger proteins move slower, in general.)

Encephalographic polygraph scan

A brainwave scan used to determine truthfulness during questioning


medical test that records and measures brain wave activity.

Inner Nuncial Series

A battery of neurological tests.

Metorapan treatments

Regenerative treatment for fracture patients.

Myocardial Enzyme Balance

>medical test used in surgical, particularly cardiac procedures.

Neural Imaging Scan

medical diagnostic scan used to test the acuity of the patient's visual cortex.


Emergency medical technique used for the stabilization of patients with brainstem injuries. Matching neural pads were used. One would be placed on a healthy individual and a matching unit on the patient. These devices enabled a link to be established from the healthy person`s autonomic nervous system to that of the injured patient.

Neurosomatic Technique

Procedure used on the planet Tilonus IV in an attempt to extract strategic information.

Reflection Therapy

Psychiatric technique used on the planet Tilonus IV in which the patient's brain is scanned and images from brain areas that control emotions and memory are projected holographically. The patient then interacts with holographic images which represent various facets of his personality.

Resonance Tissue Scan

medical diagnostic test used by Starfleet physicians to screen for infection.

Retinal Imaging Scan

medical test used to verify the presence or absence of activity in the visual cortex.

Ribosome Infusion

medical procedure to help the exposure of certain radiation.

Robbiani Dermal Optic Test

medical diagnostic test that registers a subject's emotional structure through skin and pupil response to visual stimulation at specific color wavelengths.

Steinman Analysis

medical test noting individual specific data such as voice analysis and brain patterns.

Synaptic Induction

Technique in neurotheraphy used for patients suffering from traumatic memory loss.

Synaptic Reconstruction

Surgery which neutralizes the synaptic pathways responsible for deviant behavior

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