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Orkett's Disease
Viral sickness which swept through the Bajoran work camps during the Cardassian occupation, killing thousands of children. VGR: State of Flux

Pa'nar syndrome
Vulcan disease spread through mind melds. It was very similar to thymic sclerosis. It was incurable in 2152 and caused degradation of the synaptic pathways and affected the endocrine and immune systems. ENT: Stigma

Phyrox plague
Disease. The population of planet Cor Caroli V suffered an outbreak of Phyrox plague in 2366. Starfleet Command classified the incident as secret. TNG: Allegiance

Plasma plague
Virtually indestructable and highly dangerous set of diseases. Plasma plague threatened the Rachelis system in 2365. TNG: The Child

Pottrik syndrome
Disease which afflicts Cardassians. Very similar to Kalla-Nohra syndrome. DS9: Due
t Progeria
A rare genetic disorder which causes Humanoid children to age extremely fast. It was eradicated by medical science around 2374. VGR: Scientific Method

PSI-2000 virus
Long chain of water molecules formed under variable gravity conditions, which acts on the body like alcohol. TOS: The Naked Time

Rigelian fever
Deadly disease similar to bubonic plague. Rigelian fever can be cured by Ryetalyn. TOS: Requiem for Methuselah

Rigelian Kassaba Fever
A disease. TOS: By Any Other Name

A disease which affects Klingon children. It is somewhat similar to measels. TNG: Up The Long Ladder

Rudellian brain fever
A disease apparently native to Bajor that affects the brain. DS9: The Assignment

Rudellian plague
Disease which the Cardassian colony on Pentath III suffered from in 2372. DS9: Rules of Engagement

Rugalan fever
A deadly disease. DS9: Nor the Battle to the Strong

Rushton infection
A deadly disease. TNG: The Bonding

Sakuro's disease
Rare disease which can cause an intense fever, weakness, and even death. TOS: Metamorphosis

Symbalene Blood Burn
Synthococcus novae
Bacillus strain organism, a by-product of modern technology. Although treatable, the deadly bacillus was regarded as a significant health hazard. TOS: The Way to Eden

T'lokan schism
The breakdown of mental synapses in Vulcans caused by surfacing of repressed memories. VGR: Flashback

Telurian plague
Disease which was still incurable in the 2360s. TNG: A Matter of Time

Temecklian virus
Virus which broke out on Bajor in 2372. DS9: For the Cause

Teplan blight
Viral disease which was endemic to a planet in the Teplan system, located in the Gamma Quadrant. It was introduced in 2371 by the Jem'Hadar as punishment for the planet having resisted Dominion control. DS9: The Quickening

Terellian Death Syndrome
Disease which causes dizziness, blurred vision, palpitations, and a stinging in the lower spine. It causes cellular decay which can be reversed if caught early enough. TNG: Genesis

Terellian plague
A dangerous disease. TNG: All Good Things...

Thelusian flu
A harmless rhinovirus. TNG: Unnatural Selection

Thymic sclerosis
A nonfatal Denobulan illness whose pathology is quite similar to Vulcan Pa'nar syndrome. ENT: Stigma

Transporter psychosis
Rare disorder caused by the breakdown of neurochemical molecules during transport. First diagnosed in 2209. TNG: Realm of Fear

Tuvan syndrome
A disease which affects both Romulans and Vulcans. DS9: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Uridian flu
Disease treated with a synthetic T-cell. TNG: Genesis

Vegan choriomeningitis
Rare and deadly disease, which even if cured remains dormant in the patient's body. TOS: The Mark of Gideon

Disease characterised by an abnormal proliferation of red blood cells. Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, enlarged spleen, and pain in the extremities. TOS: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

Yarmin Fel syndrome
Disease treated by the use of Hexadrin. It affects Cardassians, and can be terminal. Sufferers experience great pain. DS9: Ties of Blood and Water

Zanthi fever
Virus which affects the empathic abilities of Betazoids. Sufferers project their emotions onto others. DS9: Fascination

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