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Monday, 24 September 2007
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Feeling a little under the weather? Have alien bacteria or virii gotten you down? This page lists exotic diseases mentioned in the shows or movies for the enhancement of your postings!

Anaprolean fever
Illness which affects Xindi primates. It could cause a pregnant female to lose her child. ENT: Azati Prime

Anchilles Fever
Disease which spreads rapidly and is often fatal. Styris IV was hit by the fever in 2364. TNG: Code of Honor

Andronesian encephalitis
A disease transmitted by airborne particles. An Enterprise-D crewmember was treated for this disease in 2365. TNG: The Dauphin

Aphasia virus
A Bajoran-created virus that disrupts the brain's ability to process audio and visual stimuli. DS9: Babel

Balt'masor syndrome
A disease which Klingons suffer from. Treatment involves regular injections. TNG: The Drumhead

Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome
An airborne disease created by a synthetic T-cell that mutated and caused victims to de-evolve into primitive versions of their respective species. TNG: Genesis

Bendii syndrome
Illness which sometimes affects Vulcans over the age of 200. It causes a total loss of emotional control, which can be telepathically projected onto others. TNG: Sarek

Cartalian fever
A deadly viral plague. DS9: Nor The Battle To The Strong

Coleibric hemorrhage
A fatal condition in Cardassian physiology. DS9: Duet

Correllium fever
Disease that broke out on planet Nahmi IV in 2366. TNG: Hollow Pursuits

Darnay's disease
A deadly ailment that attacks the brain and nervous system of its victims. TNG: The Schizoid Man

Dorek syndrome
A rare and incurable disease which affects 1 in 5 million Ferengi. DS9: Body Parts

Forrester-Trent syndrome
A rare degenerative neurological disorder. If left untreated, can result in paralysis and even death. Usually hereditary but can be activated by a random mutation. A neurostabilization regimen can stabilize or reverse the disease. TNG: Bloodlines

Forrester-Trent syndrome
A rare degenerative neurological disorder. If left untreated, can result in paralysis and even death. Usually hereditary but can be activated by a random mutation. A neurostabilization regimen can stabilize or reverse the disease. TNG: Bloodlines

Fostossa virus
Disease organism epidemic on Bajor during the Cardassian occupation, killing thousands of Bajorans. A cure for the disease was developed by Doctor Crell Moset, but only after extensive experimentation on Bajoran prisoners, resulting in the painful death of many of those unwilling subjects. VGR: Nothing Human

Medical condition in which intercellular pressures are unstable. This condition was also called hemocythemic imbalance and could be treated with osmotic pressure therapy. VGR: Deadlock

Hesperan Thumping Cough
A flu-like infection. TNG: Angel One

Contraction for holodeck addiction. A psychological condition where an individual becomes so caught up in holographic simulations that the real world becomes unimportant. TNG: Hollow Pursuits

Holotransference Dementia Syndrome
Medical condition in which a person becomes so disoriented within a holographic simulation that they lose their sense of identity and start to think that they are part of the program. VGR: Projections

Biochemical condition that plagued the people of planet Scalos due to radiation permeating their water supply. Hyperacceleration of biological processes caused an individual so affected to experience one second as if it were an entire hour. Outsiders who were accelerated, quickly burned out, dying in a very short period to time due to cell damage. TOS: Wink of an Eye

Iresine syndrome
A rare neurological disease which results in a peculiar electropathic signature in the thalamus and a severly decreased histamine count. TNG: Violations

Irumodic syndrome
Disorder which results in progresive degeneration of the synaptic pathways. It can be treated with peridaxon, though this is only palliative and no cure exists. TNG: All Good Things...

Iverson's syndrome
Disease which causes fatal degeneration in muscle function while leaving mental functions intact. There is no known cure. TNG: Too Short a Season

Kalla-Nohra syndrome
Chronic pulmonary disease found only in those who survived a specific mining accident at Gallitep.DS9: Duet

Kamaraazite flu
Disease which can make its victim sneeze so violently that they could nearly regurgitate their spineal gland. ENT: Sleeping Dogs

Larosian virus
A mild disorder. DS9: If Wishes Were Horses

Levodian flu
Disease which normally lasts for 29 hours. Symptoms are similar to Earth flu. VGR: Tattoo

A genetically engineered virus designed to kill only people with a specific DNA sequence. TNG: The Vengeance Factor

Neural metaphasic shock
A failure of the neurological system in Humanoids. Potentially fatal. TNG: Ethics

Neurochemical imbalance
Neurochemical Imbalance26 A serious condition which arises in Vulcans during Pon Farr. VGR: Blood Fever

Neuroleptic shock
Form of neurological disturbance in which cortical functions of the brain's synaptic pathways are disrupted. This could result in a state similar to a coma, but without the usual biochemical markers. VGR: Sacred Ground

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