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Monday, 24 September 2007
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The Medical Department aboard the Starbase provides health care to the base's crew and visitors, and provides medical solutions to a wide variety of problems encountered during missions. The Department consists of several intensive care wards, a laboratory, the Chief Medical Officer's office, surgery suites, therapy facilities, biobeds, a surgical support frame. The Chief Medical officer aboard oversees the entire Medical Department and coordinates a staff of several medical assistants. The Chief Medical Officer has the ability to, if required, remove any crew member, including the Captain, from active duty if s/he finds his/her physical state to be unstable. (To remove the Captain, s/he must have the support of the Chief Counselor).


Pursuant to Starfleet General Policy and Starfleet Medical Emergency Operations, at least 40% of the officers and crew of the Excelsior class are cross-trained to serve as Emergency Medical Technicians, to serve as triage specialists, medics, and other emergency medical functions along with non-medical emergency operations in engineering or tactical departments. This set of policies was established due to the wide variety of emergencies, both medical and otherwise, that a Federation Starship could respond to on any given mission.

The recreation deck and lounge on deck 15 along with the VIP/guest quarters on deck 2 can serve as emergency intensive care wards, with an estimated online timeframe of 30 minutes with maximum engineering support. Further, the shuttle bay has 5 mobile hospitals that can be deployed either on the flight deck, or transported to Cargo Bay 2 or 3 for emergen cy overflow triage centers. Cargo Bay 3 also provides for the emergency atmosphere recalibration to type H,K, or L environments, intended for non-humanoid casualties. All facilities are equipped with full Bio-hazard suites, to minimize and prevent crew exposure to potentially deadly diseases.

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Current Mission

M30: Quantum Sliders


Giving the crew time to relax and visit friends and relatives, the USS London is now despatched on a regular exploration mission near the Galactic Core. Long range sensor picked up a distress call from a newly found uninhabited planet called Jericho Prime. 

For months Starfleet HQ determined this M-class planet as a great means to expand their borders. Preparation of sending colonists is well on their way.

But who or what sent out the distress call??

Join us and find out.


Junior crewmembers wanted.. would you like to write and not have the burden of a department head then join as a crewmember, yeoman or even civilian.

Started: January 1, 2013 - Ended....&


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