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Sunday, 06 December 2009
The following NPC's can be played by everbody.
Ackers, LarryHuman Sci Fear of heights/ controlling his environs. Diver. Very cerebral young man.
Akino, ArielHuman Med General aide, sunny disposition. .
Aneshka, LohemerciHuman/vulcan Sci Older woman preparing to remarry. .
Bra’nockKlingon Civ Newborn son of Cra’ti & Ro’sha.
Cohen, GloryHuman Civ School teacher capable of heroic feats of patience and agility. .
Cra’tii Klingon Eng Grumbling soon to be father. Real man’s man. .
DeMarco, ShellyHuman Com Relationship issues with ex boyfriend Danny. Talks a mile a minute. Still growing. .
Emarie, CalleaBetazoid Int Smooth. Likes to reverse issues and roles during a discussion and play verbal entrapments. .
Haardrem, Bergeean Ferengi Sec Argumentative, grumpy, not quite lovable. In fact, not lovable. Stubborn to a fault. .
Haratelli, Domenico Human Ops Great singer. Old world Italian boy getting back on his feet after a controlling relationship. .
Jacobs, JamesonHuman Sci Divorce & custody issues with wife Elania Jacobs-Fieldman. Lost youngest daughter in an accident. Still grieving. .
Jenkins, KarlHuman Eng Nervous problems. Mainly twitching, stuttering, quiet during confrontations. .
Miyogi, Cha LiHuman Sec Marital strife. Argues and name calls, switches to native language constantly. Normally very chipper, cheerful man. .
Miyogi, HanHuman CivOnly boy. Brave, courageous monster slayer in training. .
Miyogi, JunHuman Civ Older girl of Miyogi clan. Very pleasant and girly with a fixation for cosmetics and hairstyling. .
Miyogi, RasukiHuman Sci Marital strife. Stern little woman who takes no bull. Needs to relax. .
Miyogi, SukiHuman Civ Toddler girl. Mild tempered and sweet. .
Molsey twinsKlingon/human Civ Bash ‘em brothers. Have yet to unleash their 13 year old fury on all of the ship as of yet. Hormonal angst at it’s best. .
Ra, BrendaHuman Eng Abuse, possibly sexual, maybe current. Mousy, quiet but smart and quick with the know how. .
Roca, JodeciHuman Sec Brother of Jon Dubh-Roca. Ladies man to be with a somewhat over-inflated ego. .
Ro’sha Human/Klingon Ops Very catty woman with a wicked sense of humor. New mother.
Russell, LindyHuman Sec Undergoing aggression therapy regarding desertion by parents some years ago. Also SF officers. .
Spencer, Mary Human Civ School teacher with unshakably sweet disposition and overly flexible mind.
St. Michaels, ElaineHuman Civ Troubled mother who gets ran over by the boys of the family. Gardens in the holodeck to relax. .
St. Michaels, JeffreyHuman Civ Brat 1: Ringleader and possible third party member to the Molsey twin’s trio of terror. .
St. Michaels, MiashkaHuman Civ Brat 2: Smart mouthed toughie at way too tender of an age. Perceives himself invincible if not superior.
St. Michaels, SatelHuman Civ Brat 3: Gullible: the patsy. Still his mother’s baby and the redeeming quality of the three. .
Ten’reh’gar, AroxiKlingon Civ Teen queen to be, little lady with the attitude to be a diva in training.
Ten’reh’gar, HrelmKlingon Sec Proud father of said diva and knee breaker when needed. Very humorous yet intense.
Wathere, RomanaBetazoid Ops Older woman. Recently lost her husband. Very sweet and social.
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Current Mission

M30: Quantum Sliders


Giving the crew time to relax and visit friends and relatives, the USS London is now despatched on a regular exploration mission near the Galactic Core. Long range sensor picked up a distress call from a newly found uninhabited planet called Jericho Prime. 

For months Starfleet HQ determined this M-class planet as a great means to expand their borders. Preparation of sending colonists is well on their way.

But who or what sent out the distress call??

Join us and find out.


Junior crewmembers wanted.. would you like to write and not have the burden of a department head then join as a crewmember, yeoman or even civilian.

Started: January 1, 2013 - Ended....&


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