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Written by Radm Uvar   
Sunday, 19 July 2009
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4. Time and Location Markers

You must ALWAYS put locations and times in your post. They are always displayed as follows:

Mission Day: One
Time: 0830

Location: Captain's Quarters
Keeping track of time and place is very important in keeping all of the events in order and making sure that you are not in two places at the same time. It's also important because posts are not always listed chronologically on our group. The time markers help the reader organize the events in their mind.

5. Style Types

There are two major types of posting styles which you can use when you write. These are script style and novel style. Each of these is acceptable aboard the London. However, one requirement is that you MUST WRITE YOUR POSTS IN THIRD-PERSON. This is for the sake of simplicity. It is much easier for people to read a post in third-person than in first-pers on. That is not to say, though, that your character cannot dictate a log or a letter in first-person.

6. Ending the Post

At the end of the post, you always close with an "OFF:" section. This signifies that you are no longer talking in character. You may include any other OOC comments that you need to. Do NOT abuse the "OFF:" section. It's intended to be brief.

7. Signature

Finally, you end your post with your character signature. You are required to include your character's name, rank, and position. However, feel free to include other information like: the London link, your email address, and your instant messenger IDs.

8. Common Indicators

Computer “Speech”: Use all capital letters to indicate responses from the ships computer.
Example: “Computer, How long until we reach Starbase 60?” The Captain asked.
Personal Thoughts: Use < and > to indicate internal thoughts.
Example: As Thelek walked back to his office he was troubled.
< When would the refit be completed> he thought.

9: Telepathic Communication:

Use << and >> to indicate telepathic dialogue.
Example: Being Betazoid, Holly often found her telepathy to be useful in situations like this.
<< It is OK. Everything will be fine.. >> projected Holly directly to the new guest.

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