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Written by Radm Uvar   
Sunday, 19 July 2009
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Posting rules and writing tips.


On the USS London we ask all players to post at least once a week. or once every 10 days.  
Your post must be at least 200 words in order to be eligible for an awards. If you are the Chief of a department or the Assistant Chief of a department, then you are to post at least twice a week. .

If you fail to post after a 4-week period you will be dropped from the ship. If you're going to be unable to post because of real life circumstances please let the captain know so that you can be put you on the LOA (leave of absence) This will keep you alive until you can come back and continue playing. A LOA is a planned absence. You character can be temporarily written out of the story until you are ready to begin playing again. Please remember ALL LOA requests must be in writing and you can email them to the captain off list.

1. Mailing List

All posts for the USS London go to our yahoo group which is found in Archives . The list is generated automatically by the group. The posts which go through the yahoo group are primarily in character (IC) communications so please do not volley around excessive out of character (OOC) conversations. A list of email contacts for Joint Posts or OOC conversation may be found in the crew manifest. Occassionally you will see OOC posts from either myself or the XO. If you wish to carry on extensive OOC communications, please use the individual email addresses.

2. The Subject Line

The subject line of each email post must contain each of the following items in this order:
Ship Tag: [USS London]--This is added automatically by the mailing list and it is not necessary to add yourself.
Mission Number: {Recruiting}The number of each mission is the first item to add in the subject line of the e-mail post. It must be the correct number for the current mission. Do not change the mission number or revert to previous missions to add details to your character. You can do this through flashbacks.
Mission Title: "Meeting Mr Right"--Each post is titled according to you and what title you think fits the post.
So, if you put all this together, your finished subject line will look like this:

[USS London]Recruiting: "Meeting Mr Right"

3. Beginning Your Post

Now its time to begin the post itself. Posts may begin with a brief "OOC" section, which is showing that you are talking Out Of Character. Example:
OOC: Harsh language involved..
After that comes the "ON:" section. This means that what you're going to say in character is coming next. All IC actions MUST occur in the "ON:" section.
The next thing that comes is a time and location marker, which will be discussed in the next section.

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Current Mission

M30: Quantum Sliders


Giving the crew time to relax and visit friends and relatives, the USS London is now despatched on a regular exploration mission near the Galactic Core. Long range sensor picked up a distress call from a newly found uninhabited planet called Jericho Prime. 

For months Starfleet HQ determined this M-class planet as a great means to expand their borders. Preparation of sending colonists is well on their way.

But who or what sent out the distress call??

Join us and find out.


Junior crewmembers wanted.. would you like to write and not have the burden of a department head then join as a crewmember, yeoman or even civilian.

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