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Sunday, 23 January 2011
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Science Department
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Long range and navigation sensors are located behind the main deflector dish, to avoid sensor "ghosts" and other detrimental effects consistent with main deflector dish millicochrane static field output. Lateral sensor pallets are located around the rim of the entire Starship, providing full coverage in all standard scientific fields, but with emphasis in the following areas:
Astronomical phenomena
Planetary analysis
Remote life-form analysis
EM scanning
Passive neutrino scanning
Parametric subspace field stress (a scan to search for cloaked ships)
Thermal variances
Quasi-stellar material
Each sensor pallet (twenty in all) can be interchanged and re-calibrated with any other pallet on the ship.
Warp Current sensor: This is an independent subspace graviton field-current sc anner, allowing the starship to track ships at high warp by locking onto the eddy currents from the threat ship's warp field, then follow the currents by using multi-model image mapping.


There are twenty independent tactical sensors on Excelsior Class Starships. Each sensor automatically tracks and locks onto incoming hostile vessels and reports bearing, aspect, distance, and vulnerability percentage to the tactical station on the main bridge. Each tactical sensor is approximately 50% efficient against ECM, and operates modestly in particle flux nebulae - measuring somewhere between 40-50% accuracy on primary and secondary scans.


One small stellar cartography bay is located on deck 14, with direct EPS power feed from engineering. All information is directed to the bridge and can be displayed on any console or the main viewscreen. The Chief Science Officer's offic e is located next to the Stellar Cartography bay.


There are Fifteen science labs on an Excelsior Class starship; five labs are on deck 7 - adjacent to Sickbay, 5 labs are on deck 8, and 5 multifunction labs on deck 16. The 5 labs on deck 5 are bio-chem-physics labs that can also be reconfigured for Medical labs and used primary by the Medical staff. The 5 labs on deck 7 are a mixed batch; two are bio-chem-physics, two are XT (extra-terrestrial) analysis labs, and one eugenics lab. The final 5 on deck 16 are multi-functional labs that can be equipped for various experiments.

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