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Sunday, 23 January 2011
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Computer core



Number of computer cores: Two; The primary core occupies space on decks 6, 7 and 8 - located centrally in the main saucer section. The secondary, emergency core is much smaller than the first and is located adjacent to Environmental Control on Deck 17.

Type: The updated Computer cores found on the Excelsior class are larger versions of the New Orleans Class Isolinear Processing cores, spread out to take three rather than four decks. The system is powered by a smaller, regulated EPS conduit directly from the warp core. Cooling of the isolinear loop is accomplished by a regenerative liquid nitrogen loop that is vented directly to space. For missions, requirements on the computer core rarely exceed 75-80% of total core processing and storage capacity. The rest of the core is utilized for various scientific, tactical, or intelligence gathering missions - or to backup data in the event of a damaged core.


All Starfleet vessels make use of a computer program called a Universal Translator that is employed for communication among persons who speak different languages. It performs a pattern analysis of an unknown language based on a variety of criteria to create a translation matrix. The translator is built into the Starfleet badge and small receivers are implanted in the ear canal. The Universal Translator matrix aboard Excelsior Class starships consists of well over 100,000 languages and increases with every new encounter.


Acronym for Library Computer Access and Retrieval System, the common user interface of 24th century computer systems, based on verbal and graphically enhanced keyboard/display input and output. The graphical interface adapts to the task which is supposed to be performed, allowing for maximum ease-of-use. The Exc elsior Class operates on LCARS build version 4.5 to account for increases in processor speed and power, and limitations discovered in the field in earlier versions, and increased security.



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