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Sunday, 19 July 2009
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Security is responsible for the internal security of the Starbase and it's crew. Security entails providing oversight of basic crew safety, providing special security during cultural and diplomatic missions, providing security for ambassadors and aides, protecting other base visitors, as well as providing high-level counterintelligence measures designed to prevent terrorist penetration and sabotage. The Chief of Security supervises a staff of Security officers.

The Chief of Security is required to manage a current roster for each member of the Security staff, design a fluid patrol manifest and keep up to date a profile for all members of the crew and visiting persons. In event of a Red Alert situation the Chief should recon with all the Security personnel and assign them to their respective duty stations. The Chief of Security also works in tandem with the Marine CO and the Chief Tactical Officer to advise the Commanding Officer on possible threats to the base and it's crew. The Junior Security Officer answers to the Chief of Security and his/her assistant. The Junior Officer should follow orders to the letter and is often asked to put their life in danger. The Junior Officer will occasionally be asked to join forces with either Tactical, or Marine personnel to help strengthen one or the other teams.


The Tactical Department is responsible for managing all aspects of the Starbase's defensive and offensive systems and capabilities. The Chief Tactical Officer is charged with performance of operations in a variety of difficult circumstances, from dealing with strange celestial objects that pose a threat to the starbase, to providing strategic defense during ship to ship combat. Tactical defense responsibilities include coordination of phasers and photon torpedoes, tractor beam devices, and ship to ship communications. Tactical is also capable of interfacing with Helm and OPS to provide optimal maneuvering and power allocation during Threat situations.

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